Wireless fire alarm control panel including Gateway Wireless 54®

Fire alarm control panel with high quality metal housing to manage up to 100 individually addressable wireless components and additionally up to 10 wireless repeaters of 4 individually selectable signalling areas. Remote control and monitoring via internet due to the integrated Gateway Wireless 54® . Reliable wireless data exchange from control panel to component is achieved via 2 integrated radio transceivers Wireless 54® . A light version of the Software Assistant Wireless 54® is included.

Product details

  • Integrated emergency supply for up to 36 hours emergency power operation
  • Acoustic and optical signalling of alams and faults (change of battery, unauthorised removal from place of installation, malfunction, radio communication)
  • LCD display with text indicator for detailed information of the corresponding event
  • 2 potential free relay outputs and 2 outputs 24 V/300 mA to connect wired signalling devices
  • 2 integrated radio transceivers Wireless 54® for reliable radio communication according to EN 54-25
  • PC Software Assistant Wireless 54® ensures a high degree of operational comfort and use of the following functions:
    • Providing alarm zones for acoustic signalling in the event of alarm via individual allocation of signalling devices
    • Comprehensive project planning and service functions e.g. analyser, testing of communication paths, evaluation of transmission channels
    • Simple and efficient maintenance due to measurement of battery and signal strength, event memory up to 1,000.000 entries, commissioning and maintenance reporting, remote monitoring.
  • The integrated Gateway Wireless 54® offers remote control / remote monitoring of the SRC 4000 via internet (LAN), PC and Assistant Wireless 54® . There is an alternative way to realize remote access by using the Cloud Wireless 54® . Thereby SRC 4000 wireless fire alarm control panels with built-in Gateway Wireless 54® communicate with our Cloud Wireless 54® server via a secure Internet connection. Connect with the server via Internet for remote access to the control panels by using your smartphone or tablet and APP Wireless 54® .

Technical data

  • Radio transmission on channel group of SRD frequency 868.0 to 870.0 MHz
  • 230 V AC + 10% integrated power supply for direct connection
  • 12 V / 7.2 Ah lead-gel battery, 2 A fuse, up to 36 hours of emergency power operation dependent on operation mode of the Wireless 54® Gateway
  • 2 x potential free relay output 3 A / 120 V AC, 3 A / 60 V DC
  • 2 x output 24 V / 300 mA for conventional signalling devices
  • Operating temperature: -5°C up to +40°C
  • Integrated sounder for acoustic alarm
  • LCD display, LED display
  • Dimensions: height = 288 mm, width = 320 mm, depth = 70 mm
  • Standards: EN 54-2, EN 54-4, EN 54-25

Article description

SRC 4000, part number: 4200332 (SeCa GmbH)
SRC 4004 FCP incl. Gateway: 32792 (detectomat GmbH)