The Wireless Fire Detection System

No wire – but still effective.

Utilising modern fire alarm systems techniques in combination with innovative radio technology Wireless 54® , is a new generation of wireless fire detection systems offering radio communication as reliable as the highest level of hard wired systems.
Subject to configuration, not only the requirements of EN 54, DIN 14675 and BS 5839 but also additional applicable standards and regulations can be fulfilled. By this means, new application areas will be developed thanks to the wireless technology, suitable for schools, college buildings, industrial and office buildings, hotels or as a mobile fire control system for the temporary protection of refugee quarters – to mention only a few possible applications.


  • Quadrupling of radio transmission range due to cascading  of transmission path via wireless repeaters
  • For signal transmission, 10 channel groups composed of 5 channels per group are available on allocated frequency band 868.0 to 870.0 MHz.
  • Panel and repeater are equipped with 2 radio transceivers to provide fail safe communication during operation. Radio communication will be alternately distributed on the transmission channels of one channel-group.
  • Search-run for fail safe and reliable communication channel: By measuring the signal strength of all system components, a suitable communication channel from component to panel will be allocated. Consequently, configuration of the wireless network will be automatic.

The SRC 4000: design for environment

For all battery-driven components we have considered the following.
Energy efficient: we put a great deal of effort into the development phase, creating components which consume very little energy with the result that a battery life of up to 5 years could be realised using removable alkaline batteries. This is beyond the requirements of EN-54 and is not only eco-friendly but also effective in reducing the ongoing running costs, a key factor to consider in the selection of wireless fire alarm systems.