Wireless input/ output Module

Wireless input/output module with 4 inputs for a wired connection of off-system components and 4 potential-free relay outputs to control external systems as well as a Wireless 54® transceiver pursuant to EN 54-25.

Product details

  • Four inputs switchable via potential-free contacts for a wired connection of off-system components. The following events are firmly allocated to the inputs: alarm, malfunction, reset and revision
  • Four potential-free relay outputs to control external devices or systems in case of the following events: alarm, malfunction, reset of the control panel, deactivation of alarm zones. Wireless activation via the SRC 4000 Wireless fire alarm control panel
  • Wireless deactivation of relay outputs via the SRC 4000 wireless fire alarm control panel after deletion of the respective events
  • Five wireless input/output modules can be used per SRC 4000 Wireless fire detection system
  • Integrated emergency power supply for approx. 30 hours of emergency power operation
  • Optical LED display of the internal operating state

Technical data

  • Radio transmission on a channel group of SRD frequency 868,0 to 870,0 MHz
  • 230 V AC integrated power supply for permanent installation
  • app. 30 hours of emergency operation via 2 x 3,6V Lithium batteries type LS 14500
  • 4 x potential-free relay outputs 60V AC/DC and 0,5 A
  • Operating temperature 0°C bis + 60°C
  • LED display
  • Dimensions: height = 208 mm, width = 115 mm, depth = 34 mm
  • Standards: EN 54-25

Article description

IOM 4000, part number: 4400121 (SeCa GmbH)
SRC 4000 IOM, part number: 32733 (detectomat GmbH)